1 rapid response: the day the hotline, fax support, back to 4 hours, 8 hours to provide solutions in place 24 hours;

     2 year warranty: the purchase of products within a year, are entitled to provide warranty service free of charge;

   3, the maintenance of life: the long-term users of the Company to provide technical advice, technical training, product upgrades and other services;

   4 patrol on a regular basis: users to buy products, will provide technical staff on a regular basis door-to-door inspection to ensure that customers using the normal equipment;

   5 tailored: based on the users specific circumstances and requirements of individual design and production;

     6 technical support: users in the use of any problems, they can always call the Division I round-the-clock hotline service, to ensure that your issues in a timely manner, successfully resolved;

   7 "one-stop" services: The Company used a variety of ways (telephone, fax, Internet, on-site guidance) at any time and efficient answers to customer problems;


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