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Semi-suction-side platform of environmental protection

To create a platform for cutting the water, water tanks, welding cutting Taiwan stents, stent equidistance set above the horizontal rack plate, square steel cutting machine, wind, the wind in the square, sealing the top of a rubber belt, rely on a fan The high vacuum absorption in the rubber belt along the wind, a seal, in use in Taiwan, before cutting in the water, the water level higher than the height of the bottom rack about 50 mm, and cutting winds over the square rack and mobile suction Tuyere. Such as cutting machine when a large amount of flying to Mars and the direct precipitation of dust particles in water, the dust is inhaled with the air mobile suction outlet, the square into the dust finally wind Daomaoanran purification system.

Range of application
Shipyards, engineering machinery factory, Heavy Machinery Plant, the plant boiler and pressure vessel.

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