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RIP central dust purification system services in the plasma, flame cutting

Modern machinery manufacturing, CNC plasma, flame cutting metal processing in the use of more extensive and in metal cutting process of cutting the heat, will have a large number of iron, nickel and chromium iron oxide dust, as these dust containing toxic and harmful Adult, serious impact on the scene throughout the workshop operators and the staff’s health. Therefore, the cutting machine dust control more and more urgent.
RIP Central smoke purification equipment using international advanced filtration materials, cutting smoke filtered through the air can be directly discharged into the interior, this high-performance smoke purification system in the country in the RIP unique PTFE filter cartridges, different from other ordinary filter Extinguishers, RIPPTFE filter tube using a special filter substrate surface of the hot-melt a layer of filtering accuracy of 0.3 μ m-0.1 μ m of ultra-fine PTFE film, cutting almost all the smoke and dust are filtered.
RIP Central smoke purification equipment to another characteristic of dust in the absorption into the purification system, after first flying to Mars devices to share large particles to the trash. With the tiny dust into the air purification system vacuum again to share, which reached into the standards.

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