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RIP central dust purification system in the laser cutting services

With the rapid development of Chinas industrial laser cutting machine in the metal processing of increasingly widespread, but bring with it the dust pollution, the workshop was very easy to breathe in operating officer at the scene, very great harm. Therefore the laser cutting dust control requirements of more and more pressing. At present laser cutting smog by dry-clean approach, cutting table set up in a number of small cleaning room, indoor cleaning side opened a throttle, the throttle through the valve control, the throttle open, cutting and cutting in the first position of The corresponding small rooms always open throttle, the other in a small room off the throttle. This lowers the suction of the wind, saving equipment investment. Suction of the small room and the main suction pipe connected to the wind, the main suction duct connected with the purification system, will be cut in the smoke inhalation purification system purified from the target.
Laser cutting machine matching dust purification system reference tables.
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