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RH-3000 automatic cleaning type

RH-3000 for the automatic cleaning type is welding smoke exhaust systems, it is designed to collect mainly the welded metal alloy workpiece arising carcinogenic soot. Such as: electric arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, argon-arc welding, automatic welding etc..

Purification principle
Exhausting arm collects hazardous smoke in the top box, the smoke is reduced the temperature and gone out spark though the baffle. Large dust particles are separated, more small dust through high filter cylinder (PTFE) , then the clean air go back to the workshop through the down box .

Automatic purification
When the area of the dust collecting arrive certain, the pressure-gage inspecting device will lead the magnetic valve to be run, then the compressed air in the exhaust pipe of the magnetic valve will be even backblow to the filter cylinder inside out through the special structure of the filter cylinder for the purpose of the exhaustive cleaning.

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